Welcome to Kopi Katha where you can discover everything about the world of coffee. We are a team of coffee-enthusiasts who are focussed on bringing you every little bit of information about coffee on a local as well as global aspect. This blog will feature articles, reviews, info graphics, comics and other whatnots that highlights coffee culture, coffee communities and people, coffee houses, coffee creativity and coffee evolution.

We don’t believe to know everything there is about coffee but we are driven towards enhancing your knowledge as well as ours on this coffee journey. If you happen to brew a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or need a shot of espresso to fall asleep at night and are everything in between, this is definitely the place you will be more than welcome.

While we talk, discuss and laugh over cups of coffee, we are also open to your views and suggestions so always feel free to drop us a message, comment below each blog post or email us your thoughts to kopikatha@gmail.com.


Our contributors

Shabna2Shabna Mowlana prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to talking about herself. An ardent book lover, neat freak and devoted Mocha Frappuccino fan, she spends her time browsing through fashion blogs and magazines, scouting the city for new hangouts and cafes, gorging on strawberries and chocolates whenever she can. She began her career in writing some six years ago and has never looked back. She believes in starting small and dreaming big; because it’s the little things in life than counts and give you happiness the most. This is her way of giving back to a man who taught her just that.

ThulasiThulasi Muttulingam was born into a religiously tea drinking family, but occasionally blasphemed with Nescafe when her mother wasn’t looking. Coffee as far as she is concerned is the ‘forbidden fruit’. And so the romance continues. As to how she came to be a writer – she has been living in a fantasy world of magical words ever since she read her first Noddy book. And the romance with finding that ‘perfect word’ continues as well. It has kept her far too busy to find the perfect man, but who cares? All she needs is coffee and a good book.

SanuriSanuri Perera is a bit more than your average girl; she’s fun loving and definitely not a morning person. Loves blogging and is excited to share her thoughts and views with you. Her biggest inspiration will always be her family and friends. On a more personal note, she loves dogs, is a movie buff and loves to travel plenty whenever she can. Her most favourite thing is hugs and doesn’t give them out all that easy either. Most importantly, she needs coffee to get her through the day.

lasanthaCollege dropout, former door-to-door book salesman, retired guidebook writer and full-time ambassador of Coco Veranda, Lasantha David is a corporate communications specialist working in PR and Advertising who’s shared a lot – but still too few – brews with the late Sarath. A professional writer since 2009, when he discovered his househusband ambitions wouldn’t work out, he has, in his free time, been contributing to blogs. His writing is known to offend and annoy, but he means to no harm. Cruel life circumstances have confined him to a hyperbole and dry-humoured wheelchair. (Note: That’s not an actual wheelchair brand.)

judeGayantha likes his coffee in the form of a soy coco mocha with a shot of hazelnut, and he knows exactly where it’s the best. Whilst dabbling in many forms of creativity all at the same time, he somehow manages to find time to write about his illicit affair with coffee and it’s many varied confections; most of the time whilst mooching off the free wifi at odd coffee shops around Colombo. Find him adding a bit of flair to this blog with his coffee related ramblings and mini stories he loves devising for your entertainment.

IMG_9359Telemarketer, tour coordinator, real estate agent, marketing communications executive and BTL marketer – one way to describe Naveen Sivakumaran is that he is the Jack of all trades (but master of none). Presently a digital marketer, he has been dabbling in writing for a few years and is a fitness enthusiast as well as an introvert. You will find him in a corner immersed in a book or stealing away into some bookshop to buy (more) books. Yes, he owns so many that he is doubtful he will get through them all. “My legacy will be my temple of books” he says, as he sips on his delicious addiction, black coffee.

MegaraMegara Tegal is a writer and photographer. She writes mostly on politics and social issues, though she will try to keep politics out of her coffee posts. Megara prefers her coffee mild, latte-ish, and won’t say no to fancy add-ons.


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