Gotta Work It!

By Sanuri Perera

It is no exaggeration to say that you won’t like me without my coffee. Everyone’s got that one thing that puts them in the right mood for the rest of the day. A sort of ‘right side of the bed’. I believe for most people and myself, this is coffee, and not any coffee, the right coffee.

For me the right coffee is my morning cappuccino. The perfect mix of milk and espresso. Without my morning coffee and the many other times I have coffee throughout the day I am not too sure how I function.

So… coffee is more than just a hot beverage that wakes you up. It also gives you that boost to excel in your work. Coffee has always being the pick-me-up that gets my brain juices flowing. Coffee at work is the perfect combination. As soon as you need to brain storm and come up with good ideas, coffee gives you the perfect break, as well as the perfect boost to get the job done. Now you know how your extra pepped co-workers operate. Why do you think CEOs place coffee machines in the kitchen? They are basically “productivity” boosting machines.


Here are a few reasons why you should continue, or start to drink coffee at work:

  1. Keeps you focused

Well, one of the main qualities of coffee is caffeine and everyone knows that caffeine keeps you alert and on the ball the entire day. It’s not rocket science, if you’ve had coffee you know (which you probably have… I mean who hasn’t?! Really?! Go drink coffee!).

  1. Coffee breaaak

It’s normal for companies to have two coffee breaks within the day to energize the staff. This is the perfect opportunity for you to take ten minutes to sip that coffee and re-evaluate your work. Stretch, go talk to co-workers; working is not always punching numbers in front of your computer. It is also making those connections, getting to know your team and taking that break that gives you the energy you need to be productive.

  1. Coffee = Happiness

It is a fact that coffee drinkers are much happier. They have great positive energy flowing through them and many studies have found that coffee drinkers are happier with their jobs. It’s probably the coffee break that releases the tension.

  1. Everyone is doing it

Almost everyone drinks coffee at offices. Around the world and even in Sri Lanka the coffee drinking percentage is increasing. After all, we Sri Lankans started out with coffee (before tea took over).

  1. De-stress

Coffee is known to de-stress, and where do you need more de-stressing than at office. For me coffee works miracles on a stressful day. The aroma when that coffee is placed on my table just lifts my spirits high. It really does take the edge off and helps you focus on the task at hand.

  1. Helps your waist line

Caffeine is known to increase your metabolism, keeping your active lifestyle steady and going, and even if you aren’t the active type (which I recommend you get off your butt to get that printout than waiting for someone to pass the machine and bring it for you) it is nice to know that coffee is just helping you to try and keep up your metabolism.


There you have it. Why I love coffee at work and why if you aren’t already doing it you should probably start drinking coffee at work. My three cups of coffee a day keeps me happy and motivated and trust me, you can skip having the usual milk coffee and try something different –  mint coffee, caramel coffee, classic black coffee. Your choices are endless and as a source of energy and positivity, it is the only thing that can change your ONIM (Oh No Its Monday) frame of mind to TGIF (Thank God Its Friday).


Let us know what kopi katha (coffee stories) you have at your workplace – comment below along with your name and don’t forget to mention where you work!

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