Another please?

By Shabna Cader

My addiction to coffee (mocha frappes and lattes mostly) began with my first sip of Starbucks coffee some ten years ago. One sip was all it took to fall in love with this addictive drink. Something tells me I’m not alone when it comes to getting addicted to something caffeine-related.

I find that I love the frothy kind of coffee-based drinks and that’s why frappes are my thing. This isn’t the case with everyone however and I am surprised hardly anyone I know agrees with me. What’s not to love about a frothy, heavy-based glass of chilled mocha frappuccino? It’s got the right amount of coffee at the bottom, sometimes a bit of chocolate (if I insist upon it), blended ice, milk (that’s healthy right?) and a dollop of whipped cream. My dream combination is the peppermint mocha frappuccino introduced by Starbucks during the winter season every year. Sadly, I haven’t come across anything similar in Sri Lanka… yet.

Now as far as I know and have gained from reading multiple articles, frappes were first introduced sometime between the years 1993 and 1994. The word was coined and trademarked in Boston and was the term used for a drink that consisted of a thick milkshake with ice-cream. The original frappuccino beverage was developed, named, sold and trademarked by the coffee shop chain by the name of The Coffee Connection. When this chain was taken over by Starbucks in the year 1994, they gained the rights to use the name and sell the frappuccino under their wing.

Truth be told, many other competitors have developed similar drinks with similar names over the years but it doesn’t get any better than the original. The closest to I’ve had to the Starbucks mocha frappuccino would have to be the one sold at Coco Veranda. I find it to be just as frothy, with the right amount of coffee, milk and plenty more whipped cream than I can handle.

There are variations of frappuccinos of course – decaffeinated (I don’t know how anyone can drink that), creme (which is coffee-free and cream based), vegan (made with soy milk) and juice blends (like strawberry and lemonade). Then there are the modifications, which include multiple flavour syrups, espresso shots, chocolate and even brownie chips. Different varieties also exist in different countries and only in specific regions. Whilst you’ll find the banana java chip frappe available only in the Philippines and Switzerland, be sure to give the sakura (cherry blossom frappe if you happen to visit Japan. Certain variations are made only during specific seasons of the year like the pumpkin spice frappe during autumn and my favourite peppermint mocha frappe during winter. The newest limited-edition addition to the frappuccino family would be the strawberry cheesecake frappucino that was introduced just last week.

For what it’s worth the many variations and blends available in Sri Lanka are just as good. Comment below and let us know what variation and where you’ve had your best frappuccino. I just made myself very thirsty for a white chocolate mocha frappe. Toodles!

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