The Coffee Fix I Can’t Get Enough Of…

By Shabnam Farook

Let me first and foremost make a confession. I’m not much of a coffee concessioner, but one does not need one to be one to indulge in the momentary pleasure you encounter when the whiff of freshly ground coffee stirs up your senses. It’s breathtaking to say the least.

 I have to admit that the  fancy  coffees that are available in abundance at Colombo’s popular cafes, are too sophisticated for my liking, even though they seem promising with their interesting sounding names that always  grab my attention. For a simpleton like me, a steaming mug of hot coffee, ( no fancy preparations needed)  is just about enough to keep me buzzing all day long. Hot coffee aside, I also have a soft spot for ice coffee. Come to think of it, my affection has turned into a weekly obsession, so much so that I get ice coffee withdrawals when  I don’t get my weekly fix.

This love affair began on a fateful Tuesday, tired after all the running around I had to do  at office, I decided to take a much needed break with my friend Shehan at Sensaal. Thirsty and tired, I hankered for something, a quick pick me up and decided to order the ice coffee. There was no looking back after that, this one night only affair turned into a steady relationship. I’d wait eagerly for Tuesday evenings. There are days where he’d  bug me to tag along with him, luring me with the promise of a free ice coffee, there have been plenty of days where I’ve cajoled the poor fellow to accompany me to satisfy my insatiable cravings.  I’ve never understood the reason why I’m addicted to ice coffee or why this experience never ceases to be exhilarating for me. I think it’s the potent combination of good company and yummy ice coffee, and the groovy 80’s tunes that are played in the evenings, which  give it a special feeling like no other.

There are even instances where I have downed my ice coffee in one gulp and looked longingly at the empty glass, and Shehan being the gentleman he is, has offered to buy me a second. I’ve never said no, the ice coffee tastes too good to be rejected so harshly  and I’m just too much of glutton to miss the opportunity to enjoy a second glass of ice coffee.

Ice coffee is here to stay, and I’m not complaining, I’m just going to sit back, relax and take it all in, one sip at a time!

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