Beans about Coffee

By Shabna Mowlana

As we let you in on the world of coffee, here are a few more interesting beans about coffee you should know:

  • Ever heard of someone counting the number of beans before grinding them into a cup of molten goodness? Beethoven did! He had the habit of counting 60 beans per cup before making his brew every single time.
  • This one’s for those who love home-made beauty remedies – moist ground coffee makes the perfect exfoliate for cleansing and brightening your skin. Use this on your skin at least twice a week to see results.
  • The lethal dose is about 100 cups of coffee. A French novelist and playwright supposedly drank up to 50 cups of coffee a day to fuel his inspiration. How freaky is that?!
  • How could something as delicious as a warm cup of coffee be illegal in some parts of the world? Well, it was declared illegal a whopping three times by three different cultures. In the year 1511 it was declared illegal in the city of Mecca, then again during the ruling of Charles II in Europe and lastly in the year 1677 by Frederick the Great in Germany. Whew!
  • Do you know the origin of the world ‘coffee’? The word originates from the Arabic word ‘qahhwat al-bun’ which was then shortened to ‘qahwa’. The Turks called it ‘kahve’ after which the Dutch made it ‘koffie’, until it was finally translated to ‘coffee’ in English.
  • A single shot of espresso uses approximately 45 coffee beans.
  • Here’s something extremely surprising and commonly unknown – coffee is only second to oil as a commodity and second to water as a beverage. Take that tea!
  • Ever thought of coffee beans as candy? Well, in parts of Africa the beans are soaked in water and spices and then chewed like candy. Yum Yum!
  • The first ‘coffee’ cafe opened in Paris, France in the year 1689.
  • According to Turkish law, a woman could ask to divorce a man if he could not provide her with coffee. Talk about taking beans seriously.
  • Do you feel a buzz every time you sip a cup of coffee? Apparently, bees feel it too! Drinking caffeine is scientifically known to super charge their memory.
  • Want a cup of the world’s most expensive coffee? It’s going to cost you over $3,000 per kilogram. That’s roughly over Rs. 390,000! Do you know how it’s made? This specialty Vietnamese coffee known as Kopi Luwak is made by collecting coffee beans eaten and defecated by civets.
  • Coffee is actually a fruit.
  • In terms of beverage complexity, coffee wins it all. It boasts over 800 flavour influencing components unlike wine that has only 150.
  • 70% or so of the world consumes coffee that is mild and aromatic. This is called Arabica coffee.

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