Coffee Art


Morning cuppa!

By Shabna Mowlana

How important is that first cup of coffee in the morning or the last one you drink up before daybreak? To me, I love that special something no matter what time of the day it is. It makes my day extra special when I’ve also got my coffee looking arty fine.

Coco Isuru is a known face at Coco Veranda. His coffee art is just as much loved as his cheerful smile and friendly persona. Like most creative genius’ serving up lattes and cappuccinos, his arty creativity with milk foam, chocolate syrup and more came naturally to him.

It’s such a fun thing to do especially when someone is having a bad day or in a grumpy mood. I started off by experimenting with basic designs. A flower, a smiley face, a few arty swirls on a cappuccino. Our customers began to really enjoy their coffee and then requested certain art work on their coffees. I’ve been challenged on some occasions to come up with  images and to this day I have been able to live up to expectations and amaze everyone with my art”

Coco Isuru’s artistic skills have pushed the bar of requesting for a cup of coffee to another level. Watching him work on a cup of coffee is exciting. He’s got his cup ready and acts fast. He brews, he stirs and gathers his tool; a long wooden stick (looks like a toothpick but a longer version). He drops a bit of froth on the top of the cup laced with coffee and is back at work; he makes a swirl with the stick, and yet another on the other size. A few more pricks and pokes, dabs and wipes and viola, it’s a smiley teddy bear!

Good Morning Colombo!

“I watch videos on YouTube on coffee art which are inspiring. I cannot say I follow the steps to the tee because I like experimenting on my own as well. It’s fun working with various ingredients to create the image I want on a cup of coffee. The most requested has been a teddy bear but then I also receive requests to create iconic images like Fido Dido and Superman!”

Mother’s Day love

Celebrating Earth Hour

Celebrating Earth Hour

One of the most common beverages one can practice coffee art on is a cappuccino. “The texture of the milk foam has to be super soft and smooth. If I leave it atop the coffee for too long, air bubbles will disrupt the art and I’m not able to work with it anymore, whatever art I am to do, I have to do it fast”

Coco Isuru has also tried his skill on iced coffees with whipped cream, hot chocolate with chocolate syrup and frappes with caramel syrup and coffee powder. On special occasions, his heart-shaped foam, Lord Ganesh, Earth Hour slogans, a mother embracing a child and a butterfly do more than just put a smile on someone’s face. They extend the warmth of the cup of coffee served in front of them and add an extra cup of happiness too.

Proud to be Sri Lankan

Proud to be Sri Lankan

If you happen to drop by Coco Veranda for a cup of coffee, ask for one with a special art on it. Take a picture of what you are served and tag us on our Facebook page! Do the same if you happened to try some designs and images in your own home.

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