My Love Affair with Coffee

By Jude G. Perera

I like Mondays.

Everyone’s caught up with hating on Mondays, they don’t pay attention to little ol’ me whose out of this rat race and with a flexible schedule. Almost six foot tall, impeccable dress sense and stylist glasses on most days, but Monday’s… I like to keep it on the down-low; Monday’s I like to play it casual, like most people play their weekends. I keep my Mondays, the most inconspicuous day of the month… for my dirty deeds.

We’re all human. Humans have needs okay.

On Monday’s specifically, I casually get out of bed around 9ish, maybe 10ish…I reach for my grungiest black skinny jeans, no product in my hair and ‘hadu’ t-shirt (don’t judge, we all have one!) and with my comfiest flip flops…I am ready. I call a tuk, and try not to make myself memorable as I give directions… I don’t want to get caught after all… I want to live to see another Monday. I try to calm myself down as I get close to the place. Give myself the very justified and logical pep-talk we all do.

Everybody does it… its normal. It’s totally normal for people my age, and for people in general. I mean… Everybody does it, There’s no need for guilt about it. Just go there, get it… enjoy it and just… get on with your day. It’s Monday – Monday’s when I do it. My dirty deed. My illicit tryst. I always wonder what’d happen if people knew. It sometimes keeps me up at night… actually it keeps me up at night a lot. It kinda gives me palpitations… even gastritis. Even gas.

As much as I hate to admit it, I come here quite often, and I try to shift my days around regularly… but something about the lull of late Monday mornings just makes it perfect.

Perfect for this dirty deed.

Oh I feel so guilty just typing this.

You see, it started off very innocently. It was something nice only adults had. But we live in Sri Lanka and rules about these things are quite unspoken, unchallenged… quite lax really. Anywhere else, I’d be in so much trouble. In Sri Lanka, not many people understand it, so everyone minds their own business and turns a blind eye really. Anyway, so one day… I had a taste… and I… well, you know how these things go.

At first it was just a sip or a taste.. But then the older I got… it’s just… I had to have more you see. And before I knew it… well, Mondays.

So here I was… in front of the place… If I stood outside a second more I’d die of the shame. I walked in, the doors always open here. Well… very early till a little late mostly. Sometimes a little late on weekends. Too late to back out now. I walked straight up… and he noticed me and smiled.

He and I both knew why I was there. Every time we met, there was only one reason. I hate to admit it, but I liked it too much after I tried it once.

“Could I…” and I didn’t even need to finish that sentence.

“Ah.. a decaf soy coco mocha with a shot of hazelnut.. right sir??”

I sighed. he knew. He always knew. Damn you Isuru for always knowing my order.


“I shouldn’t be doing this” I regretfully said, as I guiltily handed him the cash and made my way over to my favorite seat at my favorite coffee shop. Mondays I got to have it in (because of the lull, remember?) but other days I’d get it ‘to-go’.

Sigh coffee.. why’d you taste so good.

You see… I’m one of those people who went healthy all of a sudden. From glutton to Greek God (or at least the self-confidence of one). In a span of few weeks I detoxed my body on what was initially a spiritual quest to connect with a higher power(The quest was awesome!), but I got caught up in the amazing side effects of juice detoxing… and doing it for longer than necessary. It was amazing… I lost a ton of weight, fixed some health issues, reset my issues with sleep… even had boundless energy to start a healthy work out regime (which I’ve stuck with!). But unfortunately, I lost my natural tolerance for caffeine.

It’s a thing, and it’s very real; I have become caffeine intolerant, much to my displeasure. If I have even the smallest teaspoon of the good stuff (omg, it’s so good!) I’d at the very least feel like I’m on overdrive, and my mouth will move of its own volition at the speed of light temporarily. At the most – which I am about to indulge in, right now – after a coco mocha, I might not be able to fall asleep at a decent hour for maybe three to five days. A severe step down from drinking coffee to relax and get to bed on weeknights after allowing college to mess with my normal sleeping patterns.


But whatever. I love coffee. So as a special treat every few weeks… I allow myself a very satisfying dose of coffee (decaf of course, but not that instant drivel…) just so I can have a taste of what happiness can feel like. So I can reminisce about my first mug I ever had, the first time someone brought me one from a coffee shop, or like the time I brought some one very special coffee for the first time.

My life is incomplete without coffee… so I make a terrible compromise once in a while… all for the love of coffee.

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