Good morning, coffee!

By Lasantha David

Coffee is not a religion, but it is close. In the sense that it is consumed very frequently in a week (by ‘worshippers’ that is) and those who indulge can’t help but keep suggesting that others too, partake to the same extent; have it five times a day, definitely in the morning when waking up, in times of distress, when searching for the meaning of life on a boring weekend afternoon or when they need to be thankful for the good things in life. But of course, the parallels end there. The addiction to coffee begins early. Examinations are to thank – or blame – depending on how you feel about it.

Personally, it has been a friend, companion and Good Samaritan on many occasions. That voice in your head, or in this case, stomach, willing you on, sending messages to your eyes to stay open, giving you an escape from the horrors of the work before you, when you raise that cup to your lips, go crossed-eyes to look into it and have all your senses overwhelmed by the aroma of that sweet bean blend. And for a second. Just a second. Time pauses and the liquid streams in, like light suddenly flooding the end of a tunnel in an Indiana Jones movie. Caution: The described doesn’t happen for every cup, unless you’ve got the right kinda coffee and know what you’re doing with it. But if don’t, you’ve come to the right blog.

There are different levels of addiction or ‘need’ (if you’re in denial about your strange compulsion to consume caffeine). There are different preferences in terms of types. There are different methods of preparation and there are different posts on the internet about scientists spending their time researching coffee addiction rather than curing cancer – but that’s a different topic that’ll take more than a blog post to discuss. But of course it is addictive. It begins with that one cup in the morning before school and then one in the evening after dinner, and that number increases with the years in your life, till possibly, you’re not as pushed for liquid relief from stress.

Whether you’re studying for an exam you have no idea why you’re doing or laughing at the guy doing that and staying up to play video games or plotting a revolution or running an armchair activism campaign, or just want some quite time to contemplate about the universe after watching a Neil deGrasse Tyson video – besides water – coffee is that friend for all occasions, bringing calm or energy, warmth or a sugar-rush – whichever you seek. It’s not a religion or philosophy, but instead one of things we’ll one day find a way to produce internally within our bodies. I’ve run out of coffee now, so I’m not going to think about how that would work.

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